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Move With Kate


My mission is to educate and motivate you to move your body in a joyful way

I don’t believe in extreme exercise, body shaming or desperation. I believe in a balanced approach to movement that gives us energy, makes us feel confident in our bodies, and helps keep our body healthy and injury free for the long-haul. 


I’m passionate about helping women fall in love with movement and exercise so they can love and care for their body, stay strong, fit and empowered to achieve all their goals.

'Movement is medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states'

Carol Welch
Kate Lewis Wellness UK Menopause Health Coach

Fitness Classes, Courses & Programmes

We often live very busy lives where we are pulled in every direction, and forget - or don’t feel we have time - to look after ourselves. We also live in a society that often defines our value by the way we look, and so it is easy to lose faith in our bodies.

No matter where you are with your fitness, I can help you restore your inner vibrancy.

Torquay Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

‘Pilates is a complete co-ordination of mind, body and spirit’


Pilates builds core strength, develops body awareness, improves posture, and increases your flexibility and movement. It really does make you look and feel leaner, taller and stronger.


I offer 1:1 and group classes online and in person in Torquay Devon.


Contact for info

Yoga Classes

‘Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years’


Yoga is so much more than getting bendy! The literal translation of the word ‘yoga’ from ancient Sanskrit means ‘union’ - a union of body and mind. It has been shown to lower stress and blood pressure, improve strength, balance and flexibility. 


I teach Hatha yoga - where we hold physical poses and Vinyasa yoga - where we flow from one pose to another.


I offer 1:1 and group classes online and in person in Torquay Devon.

South Devon Torquay Yoga Classes
Womens fitness training Torquay

Personal Training

Bespoke program tailored to your needs and goals. These can be taken in person or online and consist of a personalised program of strength training, HIIT workout, core strength and flexibility.

Online fitness courses and programmes

Coming soon!

Contact me for more information

Devon Pilates & Yoga
Beach Yoga & Pilates Instructor South Devon

Sports Massage

Deep soft tissue massage to relieve tension, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain. Book a one off session or set of treatments. I am based on Torquay Devon.

'Movement creates more movement
Movement creates energy
Movement creates life’

Michael D’Aulerio

Kate Lewis Womens Menopause Health Coach
UK Menopause Coach | Devon Health Coach
Devon health coaching | UK Menopause coach
Need a more tailored programme?

Check out the other ways we can work together.

Reboot Power Hour


Based on your pre-session questionnaire, we'll place the spotlight on the health issues you want to focus on and come up with a targeted plan for sustainable changes to get results. Sessions held on Zoom.

12-Week Reset


A complete transformation programme tailor-made for you where you’ll receive the maximum support you need to make sustainable long-term changes to your health and wellbeing.

Ready to make a start?

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